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Quick Start Guide For New Installations   Quick Start Guide For PC-DNC plus Upgrades
Instructions for starting a new installation from scratch. If you are an existing PC-DNC plus customer, please see the Quick Start Guide For PC-DNC plus Upgrades instead.   Instructions for installing FactoryWiz DNC for existing PC-DNC plus customers.
Download FactoryWiz DNC Server   Download FactoryWiz DNC Client
This download is the primary module for a FactoryWiz DNC system and contains everything you need to install and configure the software on a single station. You do not need to install FactoryWiz DNC Client on the server station. The latest version of FactoryWiz DNC Server is 18.2.2
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  Do not install this on your server station - it is already included. Additional client stations are an option which must be purchased. If you are licensed for client stations, use this link to download version 18.2.2
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Instructions for updating Quatech drivers   Quick Start Video
For customers with Quatech Serial Device Servers (including all wired and wireless variants) upgrading to FactoryWiz DNC, it is necessary to ensure that version 2.20 or above is installed on the DNC server. Please follow these instructions to ensure that port numbers remain the same when installing the new driver.

Users of Comtrol and Moxa devices do not need to perform a driver update for those devices.
  View a step by step walkthrough of the procedure outlined in the Quick Start Guide.
CNC Configuration Sheets
Get a standard set of recommended settings for many common CNC controllers.
Download the latest FactoryWiz DNC Manual   Technical Support Options
Applies to both server and client modules. Current version is 16.1.7
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